1.  I have a 5 years old daughter, is she too young to learn at English Solutions? – Yeni

She is not too young,  we have a class just for her! At English Solutions we cater for students  4 years and up. We offer an exciting Starter class that not only uses books but also crafts to make learning fun. Apart from just children’s classes we also offer classes for adults who want to improve their English for professional or private purposes, business English and corporate training.


2. The last company training course I attended was so difficult and boring with lots of grammar. Do you offer something different? - Tommy

            Yes indeed we do. For company training we realize that each company is different and therefore we
            offer programs that meet their individual needs. From hospitality to oil and gas, we provide practical
            skill orientated English that builds employees English speaking confidence.  Thus, making sure they
            use what they have learned.


3. My son has been to many different courses and never liked any of them, can you help me? - Chindy

            Sure. At English Solutions we have native English Speaking teachers who make sure that the
            students are getting the highest quality instruction while having fun at the same time. We believe  
            that learning in a joyful manner ensures that students stay engaged for longer and remember and  
            use what is taught, while learning the self - confidence needed to excel at anything.


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We offer modern, dynamic and joyful english language education to boys and girls in Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and High School, Adult Learning and practical, skill orientated Corporate Training.

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